Management of Efficient Energy in Tourism Industry

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Asociatia pentru Turism Bucovina has implemented the project ECOTOUR - Management of Efficient Energy in Tourism Industry, between 1.01.2014 and 31.12.2015. The project is funded by the European Union, Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme, Transfer of Innovation, id LLP-LdV/TOI/2013/RO/026.

ECOTOUR project aims to define a new profile for a specific qualification on the labour market: Tourism Energy Manager.

The consortium consists of 9 partners from 6 different countries (Romania, Austria, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Finland). The consortium includes university foundation, innovation, energy efficiency and training organisations, assuring a multi-actor and transnational partnership and a high quality implementation, thanks to partners’ experience. Each partner brings a unique and complementary contribution to ECOTOUR.

The objectives of the project are:

  • implementing the ECVET principles of formulation of learning outcomes, design of units, templates for the memorandum of understanding (MoU) and the learning agreement (LA) for the Tourism Energy Manager qualification. The methodology for assessment, validation and recognition of units will be created through pilot testing, that will improve the ECVET system for tourism and of other sectors.
  • creation of a e-learning platform that will be tested in the consortium. This self-learning tool will be free of charge to all interested stakeholders and potential end users: teachers and trainers, managers and staff of hotes, pensions, restaurants, tourism agents, manufacturers and suppliers for hospitality industry. The learning experience of the participants to the pilot test will be certified by the diplomas awarded by the consortium.
  • the project offers an answer of the VET and ECVET system to the identified needs of the labour market by elaborating the profile of a new workplace in the tourism industry: Tourism Energy Manager. The need for this new job was identified in partners' regions Tourism Action Plans. Our aim is to enhance the cooperation between VET providers and tourism professional stakeholders (labours, education and training institutions, relevant public authorities in tourism industry.

Project's partners:

  • NERDA − North-East Regional Development Agency (Romania)
  • ENERGON Energie− Und Umweltmanagement Gmbh (Austria)
  • FUNDECYT PCTEX − Fundación Fundecyt Parque Científico Y Tecnológico De Extremadura (Spain)
  • AVAESEN Asociación Valenciana de Empresas del Sector de la Energía (Spain)
  • FUNDITEC Fundación Para El Desarrollo Y La Innovación Tecnológica (Spain)
  • KAINUUN ETU OY (Finland)
  • BDF − Stichting Business Development Friesland (Netherlands)

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